The Quick Streams of Life

Akanbe Films
Bangkok is well known for its tourism, street food and nightlife but what is it like as a place to live? Residents of the city are surprisingly ready to volunteer revealing depth about their concerns for the future of Thailand and it's place in the world through the lens of one of the most famous cities on the planet.

Behind the scenes of The Quick Streams of Life

We spent a week in Bangkok travelling around trying to find our story in the 37 degree heat. Over the course of the week we met artists, dancers, musicians and actors, all of whom spoke surprisingly openly about the problems faced by their country and their concerns for the future.

There were no gimbals, drones, dolly’s, shoulder rigs, time-lapses or hyper-lapses. Instead we had early wake up calls, taxi’s, tuk tuk’s, a bit of blood, no tears and an awful, awful lot of sweat.

The film was shot on a Sony FS5 and Canon C100. The audio was captured on a Rode NTG3 and a Rode Videomic Pro. Capturing the right audio was critical to conveying the atmosphere from such a chaotic city. The soundtrack was composed by Dan Pollard, who used natural sounds that we recorded on the trip to make up the piece. The piece was graded within FCPX and finished using FilmConvert.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic Pro

Akanbe Films

Liam Martin - Writer, Director, Camera, Editor, Colour

Sam King - Writer, Director, Camera, Editor

Dan Pollard - Music Composition