Liam Montford
This is my entry for the Rode Reel 2016. This film was made with 0 budget and only one actor - my dad! The film is about revenge and redemption. I hope you enjoy!

Behind the scenes of Assassin

Me and my dad started shooting the film on a Saturday Afternoon and finished on the Monday. It was a relatively easy shoot, apart from the choking scene which went wrong a couple of times, luckily my Dad came out unharmed. The main idea for the cinematography of the film was very still and symmetrical (to match the mind of an assassin), which is why every single shot was done on a tripod with subtle zooms out done in post. Another subtle thing I did was go from a warm color grade in the first minute of the film then a cool color grade the following day to show the impending doom of the character.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Liam Montford