Creart Team
This is not a fairy story!
Everyone knows the rule: Don’t drink, and drive!
We try to create a shortfilm from a different perspective.
What if the trouble happened, and You survived physically….but Your spirit stucked in that damn car!
And Your thoughts going round and round in an endless cycle.
Watch it, and hear it with headphones for the best pleasure.

Behind the scenes of Remorse

The whole story takes place inside a small space. That’s why We used closeups. We put some blankets on the windows, to pull out the car from the real world, and place it in dreamland.
The whole take was taken in a garage. And because of the coverage inside was total darkness. It was really hard to find out the perfect lighting placement. We tried everything inside the car, but the lightning was so direct. Our luck was that the car has a sunroof.

During the filming we recorded, most of the noises, and some ambient. It was a post production exercise to create the audio atmosphere, which more effective if You hearing via heaphones.

We hope the message came through, We tried our best!

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Creart Team

Adam Er?s - Sound engineer

Tamas Uzsák - Cameraman