Kopadi Productions
Running is a short film about a young man who tries to discover his own self.

Behind the scenes of Running

Running it’s a short film about a young man who tries to find his own self.
We shot running with a canon 600 d and for sound we used the rode love mic and VideoMic GO.
Firstly we wanted to shoot 3 longshots but that didn’t escalated very well so we had to make some adjustments.
The problem was that all the shots had to be very stable but that wasn’t easy to be achieved because we had to follow goerge but he is running throughout the whole movie and he is running fast.
So the plan with the clark did not work quite well.
At the end we puted argyris with the camera into the car and that solved all of our problems.
Another problem was the car hit.
We decided not to shoot that scene in front of a green screen so we had to find 5 seconds when no cars would pass the street.
And we had to wait a lot.
Anyway at the end it worked and I think that the result was cool.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic GO

Kopadi Productions

Dimitris Keramidas - Director

George Panopoulos - Producer