Perfect Toast Films
A socially-inept killer exploits friendships to lure victims to their demise.

Behind the scenes of Ripple

Most of our shooting took place in a forest over two main areas: a bridge and a trail running alongside a stream. We used the Rode VideoMicro attached to the Micro Boompole Pro to get our production audio. Since we were short on crew and only had two and a half hours for the first shoot, the lightweight, run and gun setup saved us a lot of time by letting us set up each shot very quickly. We plugged the mic straight into the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera using the Rode SC8 cable. I returned to the location the next day to capture ambient tracks of the stream and the forest, along with breathing, footsteps, and other sound effects to use as foley audio.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

Micro Boompole Pro

Perfect Toast Films

Max Mackson - Writer/Director

Owen Peters - Assistant Director/Sound Technician