What's Your Favourite Sound

Suzi Fisher / Shortplay Productions
This is a short film all about different sounds that well known artists create from Beatboxers, Basketball players to Classical musicians and more; it's just people having fun with their favourite sounds.
What's your favourite?

Behind the scenes of What's Your Favourite Sound

We shot this film guerrilla style over a day and a half in different locations across London, the emphasis being on recording clean sound rather than trying to tell a story and with very limited time with each artist sticking to the motto that we were first taught "Shut up and Shoot."
Edited on Avid Media Composer, this is a clean edit with no sound dub. Everything you hear is clean from the mikes without going through any sound effects. This was a no budget film, and a 3 person effort.
In the Behind the Scenes you will see RODE products.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic GO

Suzi Fisher / Shortplay Productions

Christopher - Director / Editor