Green Soul

Nativo Production
amazon is in danger the mystic creature (green soul ) comes to save the forest. Everyone has something to tell about the green soul , good things or bad things when a group of bio pirates decide to search for some rare species of birds and insect the are very expensive in the black market .the have no respect for mother nature, they don't care about any thing even the local people who try to advise them .but as soon they get deep enough in the jungle they learn their lesson.

Behind the scenes of Green Soul

BTS for My Rode Reel 2015
Camera Sony A7s, Canon 60D, Rode videomicro, videomic GO, Zoom H4N, lens 24,35,50,85,70-300mm Rokinon Cine e Canon Ultra Sonic.
Gravamos todo o áudio usando VideoMicro e VideoMic GO Rode.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

Micro Boompole Pro
VideoMic GO

Nativo Production

Pablo Potter - Director, Editor, Color, Actor and Post.

Eduardo nativo Gomes - Writer, Co-Director,Actor.

Jander Inocente Silva - D.P.

Zecka Cidade - Producer.

Adriano Souza - Soundman.

Adriano Cidade - Actor.

Lucas Kist - Sound Composer.

Heraldo Oliveira - Actor.

Celdo Braga - Composer.

Erik Gomes - Assistent.

Edna Gomes - Catering.

Marcio Nascimento - makeup.

Mauricio alves - Locations