I Am Superwaxx

Hey Bulldog Studios
I Am Superwaxx follows DC-based painter and street artist, Superwaxx. We follow her as she reflects on her journey, which hasn't always been good, but her circumstances never keep her down. Her resilience, and tremendous talent as an artist propel her forward, and we see where years of dreaming and hard work gets her, when she ends up taking part in a once in a lifetime opportunity—one that she visualized several years ago.

Behind the scenes of I Am Superwaxx

I Am Superwaxx was shot in Washington, DC, we shot in several locations around the city where Superwaxx paints, and shows her work, including her home studio.

We wanted the imagery to feel a bit more stylized, like her artwork is, so we have a few abstract shots, and converted the beginning to black and white to mirror Superwaxx's frequent use of greyscale in her paintings. We used an Edelkrone slider to create some movement when we were in her studio while she painted. The goal was to show lots of movement through the shot selection, to symbolize how Superwaxx never stops going, despite her shortcomings.

We shot primarily with a Canon C100 and the Sony RX100IV, we also have a few iPhone shots (like the time-lapse at the end). We used Rode equipment throughout our entire production to capture ambient sounds and interviews.

Our good friend Wil created an original song for us, called 'Actin Tough' where you can hear some spray paint sounds (an ode to her street art), and really get the sense of hope, inspiration, and the relentless hustle she has, which her story exudes.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic Pro

Hey Bulldog Studios

Tasha James - Director, Editor, Filming

Christopher Cain - Sound, Filming

Wildersee Harris - Original Score

Superwaxx - Subject