Laura Anderson
My short film entails my journey through the woods, however metaphorically it represents high school. The owl represents a teacher, the stag represents a bully, and the fox represents a friend. Since I will be graduating high school in a few days, I wanted to create a film reminiscing on these past four years.

Behind the scenes of Yellow

In order to create my film ‘Yellow’, I used a videomic pro with a deadcat as well as a Canon Rebel T3i for filming. Everything was edited in Final Cut Pro with a few scenes being tweaked in both After Effects as well as Premier Pro. I also tried my best to color grade my film, however this was much more difficult than expected due to sudden weather changes. I also had to create paper masks for the actors to wear which was another time consuming process. All in all filming and editing took roughly two weeks, and post production took about a month prior to that.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic Pro

Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson - Director, Editor

Ashley Rioux - actress

Julianna Laverdiere - actress