Cards Against My Family. My Røde Reel 2016.

A mother brings home a new game for family game night. Little does she know that it is wildly inappropriate to play with your family.

Behind the scenes of Cards Against My Family. My Røde Reel 2016.

We used the rode NTG3 and the NT2-A for this project. My grandmother let me use her apartment for the location. All the actors and actresses volunteered their time for this production.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

Micro Boompole Pro

Scott Morrison - Director

Derek Simpson - Audio Mixer

William Kellerman - Boom Operator/ Foley Artist

Luke Young - Actor

Tayah McLaren - Actress

Troy Taillon - Actor

Bonnie Farkas - Actress

Marc-André Monten - Behind the Scenes Videographer

Scott Morrison - Editor