One Of Those Nights

'One Of Those Nights' is a student film that tells that the story of an ironically tragic yet enlightening Friday night out. The film centers on the personas ill-fated journey through the heart of the City of Sydney as he attempts to meet up with his friends at a bar on the far side of town. Over the duration of such an expedition, the personas happy-go-lucky and suave front is greatly tested and Murphy’s law is clearly in full swing as the night goes from bad to worse and worse to simply awful.

Behind the scenes of One Of Those Nights

'One Of Those Nights' was filmed on a Panasonic GH4, which was mounted to a camera stabilizer system. More so, a wireless Lapel microphone and the Røde VideoMic Pro were used to successfully capture the atmosphere of the active urban environment and the dialogue of the persona. 'One Of Those Nights' was filmed over three nights in the City of Sydney with a crew of five, shooting in various locations such as the Harbour Bridge and Circular Quay, ultimately establishing the urban backdrop of the tale. The film poem style and the postmodern metafiction technique of breaking the 4th wall are also used to take the audience into the personas world of absolute disaster and hopefulness.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic Pro

Ryan Atkins - Director/Producer/Writer/Actor/Editor

Sean Seale - Director of Photography

Owen Baker - Sound Recordist

Brandon Lampinen - Production Designer

Matthew Swain - Production Manager/Director of Behind the Scenes