Templefilms production crew
Mugambo was coined from a villain from an old Indian flick..A gambler but in this case is an alcoholic. .He doesn't derive pleasure in anything asides from alcohol and ladies. .but on this unfortunate day, he decides to bite more than he can chew..

Behind the scenes of MUGAMBO

Mugambo was shot in lagos Nigeria.we came up with the idea in a short while because of the interest in it..we used a black magic pocket to shoot & some rokinon lenses.a Sony A7 was also used with the rode videomic for BTS..editing was done on adobe premiere cc and audio on adobe audition.we also used a rode NT2 for recording sound and also a rode blimp and dead at for the wind

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Templefilms production crew

Olabode lawal - Director

Dramin - Actor