More Than Friends

Iron Cherry
Chris, a quiet young man, finds himself at a lively house party. He had come with a friend and he loses track of them after he goes to the bathroom. He finds his friend passed out and decides to take them home. In the car his friend Rob begins to flirt with him in a woman's voice and Chris tries to deal with Rob's drunk antics for the rest of the night.

Behind the scenes of More Than Friends

We used Smartlav’s on all actors whilst having a Rode NTG2 on a Rode boom pole capturing audio at all times. In the film you hear a woman voice dubbed over a man’s blocking. That voiceover was created with the Rode NT1 and we matched the voice from the visuals. Also we shot a car scene in which we hid microphones in the visor of the car as well as putting a Smartlav on the actor.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Iron Cherry

Josh Wyatt - Editor

Adam Roberts - Director

Jake Norman - Producer

Alejandro Zuniga - Director of Photography