Killennials 2 - Slashtag Murder

Skeleton Cheerleader Productions
On her way to a party, an oblivious young millennial - distracted by her phone - is stalked by a vicious killer.

Behind the scenes of Killennials 2 - Slashtag Murder

We recorded most of the sound with an NTG2 on a boom hooked up to a Zoom H6 field recorder.

The BTS video was recorded using a Rode video micro and a DJI Osmo.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Skeleton Cheerleader Productions

Ryan Doyle - Director/Writer

Angus McLellan - Producer

Elia Morrison - Director of Photography/Camera

Melanie Bartlett - Assistant Director

James Burgie - Camera Operator/Post Production

Dave McLeod - Writer/Practical Effects

Eliza Crossland - Location Sound

Mary Lalonde - Location Sound

Gerrit Sepers - Actor

Emily Ellen - Actor