Alone At Your Desk

Planet Nish
Prepare to be scared!

A young student is in for the shock of her life when terrifyingly spooky things begin to happen when she is working alone at her desk one night...

Behind the scenes of Alone At Your Desk

The film was made with only three people:
One person to write, direct, shoot & edit, etc.
One person acting.
And one person to do the sound and music.

I shot it at my home in London, using my entry level dslr (the Canon 550D) and captured as much sound (from the source) as I could, using my Rode Video Mic.

I edited the film in Adobe Premiere and tried my best to get to grips with Adobe After Effects to do the 'demon face' effect.. but in the end I went with what I know and did the effect in Photoshop, inserting a still image instead of video.
I did use After Effects for the blood on the wall, however.

My sound guy and composer, Rod Bowkett used the sounds I captured, enhanced them and added his own, and also did the score.

I ABSOLUTELY recommend both my collaborators! Yiduo Cheng is a wonderful actress to work with, and Rod Bowkett knows his craft inside out, and can do Amazing things for your film!

Thanks for watching :)

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Planet Nish

Nish Udhian - Writer, Director, Editor, Producer