En Pasant

João Gabriel Avelino
Trapped between uncertain flashbacks and a fatal fate within a footstep, he doesn't know what is real. Worse than that, can he trust his own thoughts? would it be visions of the future or memories of the past ? what would you do when you can't trust your own mind ?

Behind the scenes of En Pasant

Decided as a last minute project, "En Passant" was shot in the city of Brasília, Brazil within 3 weeks from the deadline. A dedicated and talented crew was put together and after 1 week of pre-production, sketching, developing and maturing the idea, a total of 4 days of shooting and 3 days of post production later "En passant" was made possible. Even though very few resources were used, Rode Products played an essential part on helping the project go from paper to reality.

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João Gabriel Avelino

João Gabriel - Director, Writer, Producer, Camera, Editor

Giovanna Bembom - B Camera

Lucas de Castro - Assistant Director

Ricardo Vaz - Actor

Melissa Luz - Actress

Edu Richttenfuor - Make up Artist