Into the storm

Into the storm
After noticing an approaching storm on the horizon: Peter and BUDDY decide to investigate. Being a new creation to this world: BUDDY finds himself awe struck, but as the thunder claps and the curtains close: he begins to find himself lost and alone in the heart of the storm.

As BUDDY begins to discover who he really is: we begin to question if we have become too much of a throwaway society: and weather we really value what we have?

Behind the scenes of Into the storm

The approach to the project: never anticipated such drastic use of VFX. Originally it was the story of a football trying to find home.

Between full time A-Levels, a house move, and general farm work: I managed to complete the film within just a month, all possible because of the great cast and crew.

I'm not a 3d animator. I managed to learn just enough to model BUDDY's design in 3ds Max, and rigged everything in Element 3D. I used After effects for all composting, Premiere for editing, Photoshop for texturing, and Audition for sound design.
I shot the piece using all natural light with the URSA mini 4k, with standard photo lenses.

Fun fact: when approaching the design of BUDDY'S 'voice' - I wanted to steer away from conventional Hollywood robots. I managed to record a massive library of alpaca noises. I found that the animals were very expressive and had the cute appeal needed. Along with these synthesized noises: I mixed a variety of drills, cars, clicks, pops and beeps.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic Pro

Into the storm

Mitch Kendall Smith - Writer, Director, DOP, Editor, VFX, Sound Design, Colour Grading

James Rose - Actor - Peter

Alex Pugh - 1st Assistant Director, Producer

Jason Cleaver - BTS, Camera operator/editor

Gabriel Stone - Composer