The Silent Service

Iron Horse Cinema
A US WWII submarine crew barely escapes bombardment from Japanese forces as they seek to transport US dignitaries to safety.

Behind the scenes of The Silent Service

"The Silent Service" was filmed in Philadelphia, PA on an actual WWII submarine known as the "Becuna". Casting former and current members of the Navy and military gave authenticity to the project. Using various DSLR cameras and Freely Systems' M5 MoVI, Iron Horse Cinema filmed hand held to make the audience feel that they were on the sub! Recording audio on the Rode Stereo VideoMic X, the Rode Blimp mounted on a Rode Boompole, and a Rode shotgun mic gave the team a clean soundtrack to mix in post. The team took advantage of some of the top software for editing including Adobe Premiere and After Effects. The final product came out above and beyond Iron Horse Cinema's expectations.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

Boompole Bag
Stereo VideoMic X

Iron Horse Cinema

Mike Sgroi - Executive Producer/Writer

Sean Kling - Executive Producer/Writer/ Wardrobe

Sy Cody White - Executive Producer

Jeff Moffitt - Executive Producer

Karen Vana - Producer

Rich Sab - Audio

Ray Buckley - Production Assistant

Nate Smith - Production Assistant

Chris Jones - Production Assistant

Greg Williams - Creative Supervisor

Neil Cotter - Behind the Scenes Videographer

Ryan Moffitt - Production Assistant

Larry Mihlon - Wardrobe Assistant