Kyle Kelley
A man wakes up tied to a chair not knowing just how bad his day is about to get.

Behind the scenes of Pony

"PONY" was shot with a Canon C100 at one location in Kansas City, Missouri at a really old house. Sound for both location and in studio were captured Using the NTG2 & NTG3 RØDE Microphones. Our Audio was mixed in studio with ProTools.

The film was edited & Colored in Premiere Pro CC

The music was created for our film by the amazing Kenneth Carter.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Kyle Kelley

Kyle Kelley - Writer, Producer, Director & Editor

Julian Garcia - Producer

Ty Jones - Director of Photography

Alexandra Lambdin - Audio

Coleman Crenshaw - Dad

Molly Rhea - Daughter

Greg Lane - Sticks (Voice)

Chad Crenshaw - Gary (Voice)

Christie Courville - Mom