Reel Havoc
After a late night of work, a botanist has a strange encounter...

Behind the scenes of Nightwatch

Nightwatch was shot on a Sony A7S with a Ronin-M. Audio was captured using a Rode VideoMic GO, a Lav Rode Mic, an NT1-A Rode Mic, a Zoom H1. It was shot on a back woods road, and a beach that doubled for a desert. It was edited on Adobe Premiere with visual effects created in Adobe After Effects, and music composed in Logic Pro X.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

Reel Havoc

Dustin Plessner - Director, DP, Editor, Composer

Kyle Edgerly - Director, DP, Visual Effects Artist, Compositor

Rachel Edgerly - Director, Writer, Actress

Scott Anthony Smith - Actor