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Sounds are an amazing thing! There are sounds we enjoy and sounds we don't enjoy. Let Alex show you some of these sounds, that he can no longer enjoy.

Alex suffered ear drum damage from a car collision, and as a result has lost his hearing. Follow him on this emotional journey to see some of his favourite sounds and the ones he will never forget.

Behind the scenes of Sounds

This project was especially hard seeing as I wanted to tackle it by myself. Everything you see was filmed, and edited by myself. A true test of my skills and determination.

The short film was shot on a Sony a7s Mii, with a sneaky iPhone 6 shot in there. I used a Rode NTG2 shotgun mic to record the audio coupled with a Roland R-26 recorder.

Other equipment included:
LED panel lights
Manrotto tripod
Atomos Shogun

The techniques I wanted to convey throughout the film were to emotionally suggest feelings towards particular sounds. The ‘good’ sounds had light, flares and have more colour, while the ‘bad’ sounds were darker, no flares, and overall a much darker feel to them, this is quite obvious in the ‘charator’ shots where my background becomes almost black. 

Filming took place at my residence, apart from the shot of the dentist that I had to go on location for.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Fredlein Films

David Fredlein - Writer, Cinematographer, Editor, Camera, Actor, Sound Recordist, Producer, etc.