Jon du Toit
A blind man uses the power of music to imagine light.

Behind the scenes of Unseen

I finalized the script and started preproduction two weeks before the deadline. I had to build a doorway dolly and other rigs to get the shots required. You can catch some glimpses of these in the BTS video.

Light effects were accomplished by taking the lens off the camera (Canon T3i) and shining a video light through a mason jar into the naked sensor. The footage was then coloured in After Effects CC. The white light (title shot) was shot through moving water.

The other visual effects were accomplished using green screen and motion tracking in After Effects CC.

Music was recorded using GarageBand, with a midi controller from the 80s. All audio was recorded separately with the Rode NTG-2 going into a Zoom R16.

The film was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

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Jon du Toit

Jon du Toit - Director, Writer, Producer