Kam Bustetter
Based on the Civil war story by Ambrose Beirce "The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" Chimera is the story of a POW who manages to escape and run away, he fights his way all the way back to his home only to realize he had fabricated the whole thing in his mind and in fact he had never escaped at all.

Behind the scenes of Chimera

Shot on a Canon T2i body along side the Canon 50mm prime lens and the Canon 70-200mm lens. all of the audio for this shoot was recorded on the RØDE Videomicro. We decided to shoot on a very sunny bright day but around a heavily wooded are so we could get a contrast between scenes and so when color correcting we could get a blend between a dark feel with a heavily lit scene.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Kam Bustetter

Kameron Bustetter - Director/ Writer/ Cinematographer