Ha Films Production
This alcoholic short film with CUSTOM Music has been made to raise awareness of lives ruined by alcoholic stress, death, abuse, or addiction. After a drunk driver killed his father in a freak car accident, Mason Kane must live with his older brother [Ray] and loving mother, who mistakenly married an alcoholic stepfather, Brad. Mason's story is known to everyone at school, including the "cool" kids, who want Mason to join in on the "fun". It is close to homecoming and Mason can't take the torture much longer.

Behind the scenes of Drunk

Drunk is the best and most complicated short film I’ve made. The production time is the longest I’ve ever taken, using a full 3 months. I used the old Canon SL1 for most of the video, alongside an XA20, and ALL of the audio comes from the Stunning Rode NTG4+ and Zoom H5.

This film is the first time I’ve tried full on color correction and grading. I did plenty of research to find the right way for it, but I never found the answer… The film requires flashback scenes, which I try to make seem more recent by moving from a blue-blur yellow desaturated image, to an over sharpened saturated image.

The film’s Music is probably one of its coolest things because I tried to make it all from scratch. Most of it is from compiling recordings of single notes on my keyboard into Adobe’s Premiere, but a lot of that sounded horrible since it wasn’t a real performance. So I tried to compose and remake the notes as sheet music in an online software from NoteFlight. I planned on using real instruments to remake the music, but things didn’t go as planned. So I used Apple’s lovely GarageBand Software for the first time on my school’s mac, and the music turned alright…

This film had a really steep learning curve, and many scenes never went as planned (like the beat up scene, which was supposed to occur by a gang of teens), but I’m very proud of the results and the message it can spread. Please be sure to vote and Spread the word!!!

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

Micro Boompole

Ha Films Production

Haaris Rehman - Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Color Correcter, Editor, and Music

Adam Turney - Mason Kane

Amanda Almich - Mother and Make-Up Artist

Christian Smith - Stepfather Brad

Tiernon Riesenmy - Ray Kane

Danielle Arevalos - Adeline, Make-Up Artist, and Boom Operator

Joshua Numata - Drunk Teen and Boom Operator