An Outsider's Perspective

On a hospital, on a planet, far, far from our own, a patient wanders the hallways during lockdown.
She just wants to be outside.

Behind the scenes of An Outsider's Perspective

The entire film was filmed on a Canon 700D DSLR and recorded on a Rode NGT2 Shotgun microphone. We recorded the sound and video separately, using the sound effects at the relevant moments to provide the only points of difference from the steady music. We decided to use our two newest school buildings as a set, because they were modern and designed to be tidy and pleasant to look at, but also comfortable community spaces. This suited the idea of our residential hospital perfectly. All of the dialogue is in American Sign Language, but this wasn't a language option, so it's entered under 'english'.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material



Francesca Wen Xiu Logan - Director, Producer, Writer, Co-Editor, Actor

Bea Pallett - Co-Writer, Actor

Megan Liddell - Co-Editor, SFX Editor, Actor

Kirstin Liddell - Actor

India Borrelli - Sound