Failure to Launch

Production Studios
“Failure to Launch” is a short comedy drama film about a film crew attempting to shoot a scene but fail at every attempt because of the interruptions caused by the cast and crew members. This film is aspired from the concept of a story within a story, it's a short film about a film being made, and shows the struggles of what most filmmakers go through on set. How the team deals with this situation and do they end up shooting the scene or not, find out after watching the film.

Behind the scenes of Failure to Launch

In order to film this short, we used a Canon 5D Mark iii as the center camera that is seen in the film with a rode microphone on the camera and a Canon 7D as a roaming camera that was mounted on a shoulder rig. Since this is a movie about making a movie, we had to give it a more set look but very indie at the same time, so to achieve more film set look we used the green screen room of a studio company, Creative Soul, based in Toronto, and added two 650 watts lights with deflectors in front of it. William Whites provided all the lighting equipment for this film. Our whole purpose in the film was to show how a film is made and what things are usually present, therefore the lights and center camera are seen in the film. The main short film is some what a making of how a film is made and the struggles of making a film.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic Pro

Production Studios

Colin Scheyen - Executive Producer

Arjun Bhalla - Director, Editor, Actor

Nikki Bagheri - Director, Writer, Actor

Haley Shaw - Writer, Actor

Angelica Libkind - Cinematographer

Tamara Dyce - Actor

Tevin Thompson - Actor

Rosh Travis Amanna - Boom Operator, Actor

Kevin - Grips