MES Media
This short film is a story of Cody being love struck and looks past his girlfriends physco tendencies. Cody is the typical high school jock with the perfect life, except he has a annoying little brother Anthony. Anthony always seems to get in the way of Cody and his perfect girlfriend Emily. Emily has recently been off the edge. Cody's girlfriend has recently been accused as a serial killer. Is she?

Behind the scenes of Emily

Our behind the scenes video should wrap up our shoot in a whole mainly because we filmed the whole video in 24 hours due to trying to keep the whole crew together. Our crew and gear was a minimal because we had a full student set. Hope you enjoy!

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

Boompole Pro
VideoMic GO

MES Media

Steve Potter - Director/ Editor

Kerem Granados - Writer

Bill Anderson - Director of Photography

Luis Santana - Director of Photography

Brianna Jerina - Emily

Logan Hartman - Cody

Tommy Russo - Anthony