Episode 3. The Comedian, Christiaan Van Vuuren

Episode 3. The Comedian, Christiaan Van Vuuren

RØDE Microphones presents The Power Of The Short – a Q&A format with four Australian filmmakers, each with experience in how short films helped form their careers in features and in television.

Hosted by My RØDE Reel ambassador Tim Ross – whose career includes radio DJing, stand-up comedy, production and starring roles in several TV comedies and documentaries – the series looks at four unique filmmakers with a conspicuous pedigree in short films.

Episode 3. The Comedian.

Christiaan Van Vuuren – As part of The Bondi Hipsters, Christiaan has made comedy shorts that have become an online sensation and spawned the Australian ABC TV comedy hit Soul Mates. He presses home that shooting comedy shorts can be fast, cheap and can build audience that builds to other media.

“We set a goal to put out one new video per week for a year. Because we wanted to be filmmakers, make TV shows and be employable as writers and directors.”