My Rode Reel 2017 - Stole A Rocket

Genre: scifi Comedy

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Our main character steals a rocket because he believes his ideals and the ideals of President Trump could change the world. See the short film to find out more.
This is a really nice film that highlights how dumb certain people can be.
This film is to be taken as a joke and is not meant to offend anyone.


Rohan Guha Ramabhadran

Voice Actor
Visual Effects Artist
Sound Recordist
Sound Guy
Art Department

Nitin K Rajesh

Voice Actor
Camera Operator

Products - Adobe After Effects, Adobe Preiere Pro, Audacity, Cinema 4d, Rode VideoMicro
Location - My house, my friend's house, inside a laptop
Technique - Animated goodies.
I used various sculpting tools in cinema 4d to make the astronaut character and I used after effects for HUD and depth of field and I used premiere pro for editing. Audacity was used for the voice effects and Rode VideoMicro to record the voices.

Watch the BTS