Like an eagle

Peter Blok (peter blok photography)

Verwendetes RØDE-Material:

VideoMic Pro

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Jan van der Greef (1952) is a Professor Analytical Biosciences at Leiden University, the Netherlands, an innovative scientist and a passionate and very good nature photographer. He has been multiple awarded in the most prestigious international contests such as the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Photography brings him to remote places all over the world, despite his physical challenge, due to polio at an early age. The film follows him photographing eagles (and gulls) in Norway in a small boat on the fjords in Norway.

Peter Blok (peter blok photography)

Peter Blok

Camera Operator

Denise Mulder

Sound Recordist

When Jan van der Greef told me he was going to photograph eagles in Norway, one of my favourite countries to visit, I did not have to think twice. So I filled my watertight backpack with my Nikon cameras, lenses and Røde microphones and spent some time with him, his wife, a few other photographers, and the Eaglesman Øle Martin Dahle in a small boat on the fjords just north of Trondheim.

As a documentary photographer and filmmaker I like to be the proverbial ‘fly on the wall’, so I don’t use large camera’s, or shoulder rigs. So you only see a Nikon d810 or d800, with a few zoom lenses, 12-24 mm, 17-35 mm, 24-70mm and a 70-200 in my bags. The camera is fitted with a loupe hood to be able to perfectly judge the light.
If possible I work alone, so without someone else for the sound.
Røde microphones (I have quite a collection) make this possible. In this case I worked with a VideoMic Pro with a deadcat to suppress the expected wind noise.
During the registration of an interview by a Norwegian journalist with Jan de Greef , I used a Røde NTG 3B with a separate Tascam recorder to supplement the sound from the VideoMic Pro. If you stop filming you always have some back-up for unexpected remarks.