Cooking with Chef Paul RØDE - MY RØDE REEL 2017

Cooking with Chef Paul Rode

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"Cooking with Chef Paul RØDE" is a 3 minute Movie, made as an entry for the 2017 RØDE Reel Microphone Competition.
Chef Paul RØDE is the person who invented a 'Secret Family Recipe' and shows us how to prepare and make this gorgeous family secret!

Cooking with Chef Paul Rode

Liam Worth

Camera Operator

Paul Stanley


To make the audio sound perfect, we used only RØDE Microphones which included the RØDE SmartLav+, 2 x RØDE M2's, a RØDE VideoMicro and a RØDE NT1A.

The music bed in this movie is from a song Paul wrote and produced 5 years ago called "The Sunday Roast" which was a great 'Intro' and 'Outro' theme for "Cooking with Chef Paul RØDE"