How To Paintball

TreeTrunk Production House
Genre: Comedy Action

Verwendetes RØDE-Material:

Boompole Pro

Weitere Informationen:

Dave is clumsy, doesn’t have a lot of friends and is often ostracised at work. Things are no different when he and his workmates go on a paintball excursion. While Dave is once again left out and sitting on the sideline he sees his team is losing and decides to take action. When he puts on his helmet he takes on a whole new “war machine” persona who will stop at nothing to win for his team.

TreeTrunk Production House

Aaron Pearson


Steefan van Jaarsveld

Director of Photography

Shaun Aldwell

Camera Operator

Ryan Pobar

Sound Recordist

This short film was all about paintballing, so naturally we had to get as close to the action as we could. Shot on-location at Skirmish Gold Coast, we used two Sony A7Sii's, the GoPro Hero 4, Ronin MX and the trusty Rode NTG-4 and Boompole Pro to round things off. All in all a combo of practically shot effects and plenty of post-production madness brought together our final product :) Knowing that we were going to have an epic paintball rampage in the middle of the film, we decided quickly that using real paintballs wasn’t really going to be possible. Through the use of stock blood squibs and a bit of After Effects and sound effects magic, we were able to track the effects on and make it a bit safer but of course more over the top than would've been possible :D Rode gear can be found at 00:17 and more.