Deliverance | My Rode Reel 2017

Red Alert Productions
Genre: Action Drama

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For Detective Rhodey Barnes, life has been a constant cycle of failure.
Failure to apprehend one of the most dangerous crime syndicates of the decade.
When a witness emerges and new evidence comes into play, things are finally looking up for our detective.

Until things spiral out of control.

Everyone has their breaking point.

One of the goals of this film was to demonstrate that a Budget of $0 and a Crew of 2 could yield results just as good as a high budgeted one.
We the film at an Outhouse/Wendy/Shed, whatever you want to call it, that sits at the back of my house.
I used my RODE VideoMicro to capture on set sound as well as Foley, which played a huge role since I decided not to portray any of the action in a usual manner. Sound carried it all.
The score was made up of royalty free, free music that I gathered from various sources and I edited it all together in Premiere Pro CS6.

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