Monsters - My Rode Reel 2017

Alden Frautschy
Genre: Drama

Verwendetes RØDE-Material:


Weitere Informationen:

On a beautiful Wisconsin summer day, Craig and Sally settle in for a day of monster hunting. Things, however, aren't quite what they see.

Alden Frautschy

Alden Frautschy

Boom Op

Connor Madison

Director of Photography

Abbey Jorgenson


Eli Wickman


Sara Erickson

Behind the Scenes

The audio for our entry was captured using an NTG-2 shotgun mic and Røde boom pole connected to a Zoom F4 field recorder. We ran sync sound so we could capture the best quality audio and allow our camera to be free to move. Being outside, in a forrest near a lake, this was immensely important. Sync sound allowed us complete and total control of each aspect of the film.

Sync sound also allowed us to capture the nat sound of the park which we filmed in, which was then used in the final edit. Being able to do this ensured that we could really up the audio and use it to sell the story.