Sugar (Nixon for RodeReel)

J. Ashley Nixon

Verwendetes RØDE-Material:

RØDELink Filmmaker Kit
VideoMic Me

Weitere Informationen:

Cutting sugar cane is hard labour. This short documentary film features some of the workers in plantations around Cartavio and Laredo, in La Libertad region, Peru.

J. Ashley Nixon

Daniel Gomez

Production Assistant/Logistics (Peru)

Jennifer A. Nixon

Production Assistant/Second Camera (Canada)

Most of the documentary was filmed on location in sugar plantations in La Libertad region in the north of Peru. This was shot, handheld, using an iPhone with a Røde VideoMic Me and Filmic Pro software. The introduction, showing sugar added to a cup of tea, was filmed using a Canon 80D and GoPro with Røde Video Mic Pro on camera in both cases. For the narration, a Røde NTG2 was used. In the BTS film, the narration section was recorded using a Røde Link Filmmaker (lavalier) microphone. Both films were processed using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Watch the BTS