MY RØDE REEL 2017 “北漂”


Verwendetes RØDE-Material:

VideoMic GO

Weitere Informationen:

北漂 describes a particular type of people coming from other cities to seek jobs and to start their pursuit on his/her dream here in Beijing.
I hope through this short film I can show people the idea that 北漂s carry as well as emphasize on his/hers unwillingness spirit to give up on their journey to reach the ideal goal or dream.



Sound Recordist

The whole short film was done alone, the planning, shooting, editing, etc.
Overall I think it has brought me a very nice experience and I've gained a better understanding towards the “北漂”

I add the shot of the conversation between the two old man as well as the intro shot where everyone is just walking to show that this movie applies and relates to every person.

Everyone has a dream or a goal and I hope throughout this short film I can at least make some impact towards all the dream catchers to keep on pursuing and don't give up what you love.