Ransom | My Rode Reel 2017

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Genre: Comedy Drama

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Ransom is a two and a half minute student short film, where two kidnappers torture's the boy whom they kidnapped and makes ransom call to his father. But after the whole conversation , it reveals that this call was dialed to some wrong person.

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Adil Khan

Director of Photography

Shaliendra Mudotiya

Camera Operator

Sumit Sahu

Art Department

Shivam Parmesh


Sankalp Sehgal

Sound Recordist

Ransom is a student short film and has a very low budget. The film was shot on canon 700d and the external audio was recorded by Rode NT1 -A. The whole shoot was completed in a friends apartment and just a gun was needed as a main prop.All the Foley sounds and dialogues were recorded with rode NT1- A.