The Western East African Black Winged Blue Macaw

Jeff Freund
Genre: Comedy Action
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An explorer searching the African wilderness for a rare bird makes an unexpected friend along the way, but his new companion may not be all that she seems.

Jeff Freund

Jeff Freund


Lauren Freund

1st AD
1st AC

We shot entirely in a local nature reserve over the course of one day using a 7D with Magic Lantern Raw and a single Tokina zoom lens. We had a crew of 4-7 as people came and went when they were free to help out. We used the Rode NTG2 as our main mic and also for ADR and the Video Micro which we used as a backup.
We had a shot list, line script, some rough storyboards, and all of the locations were scouted and scheduled to the hour so we could move around quickly with little backtracking. The films total run time was around 5:46 but was cut down to 3:00 for this contest. It was edited in DaVinci Resolve Studio 12.5, Audio in FCPX, and VFX was done with NukeX and After Effects.

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