The Freelancer - My Rode Reel 2017

Adam Hudson

Verwendetes RØDE-Material:

VideoMic Pro
RØDELink Filmmaker Kit

Weitere Informationen:

5 am starts, endless miles of motorway and carrying huge amounts of equipment everywhere are just some of the caveats of working freelance. "The Freelancer" aims to showcase some of the highs and lows of working in the wonderful industry of video production.

Adam Hudson

Adam Hudson

Camera Operator

My goal for the BTS was to offer details about the process of the production and give the viewer an idea of the equipment I used to shoot "The Freelancer".

Here is the main equipment I used: Rode VideoMic Pro, Rodelink Filmmaker Kit, Sony A7SII, Samyang 24mm, Tiffen Variable ND, Joby Gorillapod.

I used the Rode VideoMic Pro as my on-camera microphone to pick up ambient sound, as well as being a great solution for foley, which I was able to insert into the video and allow the viewer to hear relevant sounds to the content captured.

I also used the Rodelink Filmmaker Kit to record the voiceover, which did a great job of isolating my vocals for the video.

Overall the production was great fun and hopefully offered some insight to a day in the life of a freelancer.