SHELL (My Rode Reel 2017)

RAWMIX Productions
Genre: Drama scifi

Verwendetes RØDE-Material:

Boompole Bag
Boompole Clips
VideoMic Pro

Weitere Informationen:

Mark and Jason go on a hike with Jenny and Marie. Marie is interested in Jason but she is too shy to approach him. Jenny flirts with Jason regardless. When exploring the forest, Mark and Jason apprehend the two women. Awaiting to deliver the two to the boss, Jason is notified that Jenny is not necessary and needs to be eliminated. In an act to save Jenny from death, Marie breaks out of her shell and manifests her mutant powers of strength and motion control.

RAWMIX Productions

Rommel Andaya

Director of Photography

Elizabeth Yun


Cody Gomes


Meriden Villanueva


Ron Nery Jr.


Andrew Yi

Production Sound

Ducky Chang

Behind the Scenes Videographer

Tony Garbanzos

Production Assistant

Michael Kuya

Production Assistant

We shot our film entirely with an Apple iPhone 6s using the Filmic Pro Application to configure manual settings. The film was mostly shot handheld with the stabilization mode on. We used the Rode NTD2 shotgun microphone to capture production sound and used a dead kitten to shield it from the wind. We also used a Rode Videomic Pro mounted on a Sony A7SII mirrorless camera for the behind the scenes video.

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