When I Grow Up - My Rode Reel 2017

The Smile Factory Film

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It's hard to imagine the mundane-ness of adulthood from the perspective of a child. When you ask a child what they want to be when the grow up they rarely talk about commutes to work, or sitting at a desk. The ones we asked wanted to be fairies, or pirates. So here is Indiana, as a child, and hopefully as an adult too.

The Smile Factory Film

Aleesha Price


Thomas Price

Director of Photography

Indiana Price


We travelled through the road between Springbrook National Park via Numinbah: Natural Bridge and to Kingscliff. Some world class locations that we really wanted to show case.

Working with children definitely has it's challenges, and we did most of the filming in one day, exhausting our little actress.

It was filmed on the Sony FS700 with the Odyssey 7Q and RODE NTG4+