Mads Schmidt Rasmussen
Genre: Musik Drama

Verwendetes RØDE-Material:

VideoMic GO
DeadCat GO

Weitere Informationen:

The movie is about a young refugee, who in his former life in his home country, was a pianist. He had to flee and at his arrival country, he found himself through the piano and started playing and gaining popularity. The moral is that we do what we love and nothing can stop us from us being us.

Mads Schmidt Rasmussen

Mads Schmidt Rasmussen

Director of Photography
Camera Operator

Ingrid Bladt

Music composer

Jens Jakob Petersen

Music Producer

Ismihana Sabanovic


Emir Novalic

Main actor

Thomas Herd

BTS Photographer

Lasse Blom Nielsen

BTS Photographer

My thoughts when writing and afterward shooting the movie, focused on coming up with interesting imagery and skip all that POST, I normally tend to do. Instead of spending all the time in post, my goal was to make a lot of the movie, by doing interesting lighting, alternative shots and all over, doing something people wouldn't expect from a 8-year-old Canon 600d, Rode Video mic go and a drone I borrowed from a friend.