MY RODE REEL 2017 - 2:50

Rodrigo Rebello de Andrade
Genre: Action scifi
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Verwendetes RØDE-Material:

VideoMic Me

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How a man can go mad in 2:50 minutes. He tries to find the noise...

Rodrigo Rebello de Andrade

Rodrigo Rebello de Andrade

Camera Operator

Leonor Miranda

Director of Photography

Rafael Moreira


Francisco Palma


Joana Cruz


Rita Dinis


Joana Appleton

Assistant Director

We used Rode VideoMic Me. For smooth camera motion we used a chair.

"So the project started when I found out about the competition and then I thought it would be a good opportunity for us to participate since all of us in the team like to make shorts and work in the movie industry.We got together, sat down and said we wanted and instantaneous idea, something genuine and from there came the idea of how in three minutes, three real time minutes, we could be driven to madness. How a normal, casual person could be taken to the edge though something that can be supernatural or not. The idea was really the simplicity and how instantaneous and natural the idea would be.So we the thought that to make three real minutes it would be interesting to use a oner, this means the camera would follow the character in real time, no cuts, for the entire time of the action. And with this came some consequences, because our character destroys the entire house, we had to put it all back together in each take, which took some time, but we managed to get things organized, and from there we came up with the story.