Zebulon's End | My RØDE Reel

Making-of anschauen:

We shot shot this in an area behind a warehouse near my workshop, that somewhat alarmingly looks like a war broke about the week before.
We rented an FS5 MKII for this, I'm definitely a Sony fan and using a proper video camera was so nice compared to a DSLR. I got my start with Prosumer SD cameras, so I really appreciated going back to that form factor. I paired it with my vintage Canon FD lenses to give it a more organic look.
Our shooting technique was typical for us, we almost always go in with a rough idea, maybe a few lines or shots, but generally make it up as we go along. We only had the 3 of us, so all natural light and alternating who boomed was the only way to go.
For audio, I got to use the new Wireless GO system which was so easy to use. When we were done with a 6 hour day, it still had half the battery life left! On the boom we used my NTG2 that I've had for close to 8 years.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material:

Wireless GO