Piz Lee

The Sink水槽

Making-of anschauen:

This is the BTS video of my short film, The Sink.
I have two RODE microphones, NT-USB and videomicro. At the same time, I have two cameras need microphones, one is A set camera, another is EPK camera.
Considering EPK camera needs mobility, videomicro is the best choose for it. I use RODE NT-USB records all reference sounds and voice sounds on set. The USB power support is the key of NT-USB, without power, without waveform. I had to use a USB power bank to support it electric power, and use an adapter cable through the 3.5mm monitor jack, link all waves into my A set camera.
When I use NT-USB records Foley sounds, I had to move it close enough to the objects for a perfect sound. In my short film, I need some underwater sounds, but NT-USB can't drop into water. I find a way to solve it, I adapter it to C-stand, and rover it close enough under the sink bottom, than I can hear the underwater sounds.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material: