Wayfarer Films

STARNUTO (2019) - My Rode Reel Competition - Short Film

Making-of anschauen:

We used a RODE microphone mounted on the hot-shoe of our BTS camera, as well as a RODE boom-pole and RODE deadcat over a shotgun mic to record audio for the film itself. We filmed the majority of the film in Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick and the city of Fredericton. Other locations, such as Mactaquac Beach and Hanwell, pop up throughout. We had a small but mighty team of five, with two extras showing up for our 1973 flashback. The DP used a Nikon D5300 for this film, opting to use only a 35mm lens for the entirety of the shoot. All editing, colour and VFX work were done in Da Vinci Resolve, with sound design done in Adobe Premiere.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material:

Boompole Clips
VideoMic Pro