Adamant Productions

Impression. (My RODE Reel, 2019)

Making-of anschauen:

We shot this in a studio, one of my friends owns the studio. The problem was that this was a pretty small studio for a film to be shot, but perfect for stills, and we wanted to create a big empty room, like in "The Neon Demon". We thought of a lot of things and come to a conclusion that we had to compromise and , shoot it as we can. So we completed the first scene which was easy. Just two backdrops and 2 sources of light to create a studio like feel to it, as the character is about to shoot herself. Also, the day before the shoot, we get a call from one of my friends that he has met with an accident and won't be able to shoot. This was a big problem because he had a Sony a7iii and we needed it for its features. So again the camera problem came up, eventually we shot it on Canon 80d and Canon 200d with a flycam for stabilization.
For the 2nd scene, we needed a projector for what the character had the idea of using it in the scene, so setting it up was a big task with proper camera setting to capture it without any problem. Also, giving the actress the poses for each of the images projected on the screen was a big task, marking and giving a certain meaning, was difficult. We were deciding all this on the day of the shoot.
The 3rd scene was challenging as well, because we were using green screen

Verwendetes RØDE-Material:

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