Paloma and Adil

Keep Me In Mind I My Rode Reel 2019 I Paloma And Adil

Making-of anschauen:

The video was predominantly shot handheld, using both manual and automatic lenses on the Sony A6300. Two locations were used, an exposed part of a broken down building, and a simple urban house. The POV shot was executed without any rig, just handheld coordination, and the sequence was supported with minimal visual effects and masked cuts. Lights were used to create day and night and since practicals were not present, a fire was lit and its effect was later simulated with lights for the character's close up. The RODE NT2-A was used for recording the vocals and acoustic instruments of the song. The VideoMic Pro was used to capture audio for the BTS.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material:

VideoMic Pro